Hey, we’re terribly sorry that we haven’t been posting a lot of gif hunts in a while. Madie hasn’t been on much and so have I, school started and I only come home late at night. So i don’t have time to do much, i will try my best to post at least one gif hunt a week. Just hang in there guys!

- Kayla xoxo

posted 1 week ago

Justin Bieber: Young Hollywood 2014 Gifs


87 Gifs of Justin Bieber at the 2014 Young Hollywood Awards. NONE of these gifs are ours so we give full credit to the real owners. Like if using anything in this hunt :)

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Anonymous asked: How do you save gifs?

Click on your mouse over a gif of whatever and it’ll say “Copy Image Url”, you’ll click on it then go to your files and you place it into a folder that you created and there you go. If that doesn’t work than message me back.

posted 3 months ago